Keep your computer clean and optimized and protect your privacy with PC Cleaner. PC Cleaner is a simple and powerful tool with a range of easy to use features:

PC Cleaner is fast, easy and safe! The program is designed so that even novice users can keep their computers clean and optimized.

Scan Your PC

From the Home screen choose the Scan button to quickly scan your computer

This scan will display the Scan Results and give you a quick overview of the status of your computer.

PC Cleaner will go through each category in the scan results screen removing the selected items and cleaning your PC.

If certain registry keys or files are still in use by other applications PC Cleaner will mark these files and attempt to remove them at a later time. It’s best to close as many applications (browser, instant messenger, email, etc.) before running a scan with PC Cleaner.

To keep your PC clean and optimized we recommend you run scans on a regular bases.

It’s rare that a scan will find “0” items to clean. Leftover items are generated every time you boot your computer, add or remove programs, send or receive email, surf the web, etc. If PC Cleaner finds less than 100 items we consider your PC Clean.