How to cleanly uninstall applications

Most applications come with their own uninstallers.  While these uninstallers will remove programs, they often unintentionally leave behind registry entries, folders and extra files.  Uninstalling applications with OneSafe PC Cleaner ensures that applications are cleanly uninstalled including tracking down and removing any leftover items.

 How to use OneSafe Uninstaller

Click on the Clean Up tab

Select Uninstall.



When the Uninstall menu opens, you’ll see a complete list of all programs installed on your PC.

Select the program you would like to uninstall by simply clicking on it. At the bottom of the screen, additional information will be displayed about that program, including program name, install date, and program size.

Once you have selected a program, click on the green Uninstall button to remove it.

You will be asked to confirm the uninstall:

If you know this is a program you wish to uninstall select Yes.

OneSafe starts the applications build in uninstaller and once the program is uninstalled you may be asked to confirm that the uninstall has completed:

Once you select OK to confirm the uninstall has been completed, OneSafe will start scanning for any leftover files or registry entries.

If any leftover items are found they will be displayed, you can select “Remove items” to delete all unwanted items.

After the items are removed you will be returned to the main Uninstaller menu.  The program you selected will have been cleanly removed from your PC.

You can also use the uninstaller to remove browser extensions or Windows store apps.