Have questions?

I lost or didn’t receive the email with my license key. What do I do now?

Your license key is displayed on the ‘Thank You’ page immediately after purchasing. As a backup, a copy is also emailed to you upon order completion. Occasionally, emails do get stuck in junk mail folders, so, before anything else, we recommend you search there for our email (the sender name will be OneSafe Software).

Why is my payment being declined?

If you are currently receiving the message, “Sorry, your payment was refused by the financial institution. Your card will not be debited.”, please contact your credit card issuer to see if they are preventing online purchases for reasons other than exceeded credit limits. If they indicate the purchase should be going through, it’s possible our risk system may have identified a security factor that is temporarily preventing the completion of your purchase. Please try using PayPal or another credit card to complete your transaction.

How come that I can’t download the installation file?

Please check your antivirus settings, to ensure that it doesn’t block this particular download, or internet downloads in general.

In case your security software blocked the download, it shall be possible to find out in report or log file. You can recover the download in your security software (most come with a ‘recover’ function), or you can change its settings (eg. to allow this particular installation file, or to change the general setting – so that next time you attempt to download from internet, your security software will ask for confirmation, instead of blocking it automatically) and attempt to download again.

It would be best to consult your security software manual for exact steps needed, or contact our helpdesk and let us know the brand and version of your security software.

What is your return/refund policy?

All OneSafe Software products come with our 100% free product support and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you have any difficulties using our products, please first contact our technical team. They’ll be happy to walk you through any additional steps required for your PC. If a refund is required, they’ll also be able to initiate one for you.