How to clean your PC or laptop screen?

Did you know your computer or laptop keyboard may host more bacteria than a toilet seat?

It’s because of many of us have the guilty habit of snacking while spending time online or working to meet a deadline. All those crumbs can clog your keyboard.

Of course, it’s easy to notice when computer monitor is covered in smudges and streaks. But a hidden threat to computer performance we don’t even think about is house dust on the inside of your PC or laptop.

Dust can actually cause your computer or laptop to slow down, or even crash.

However, there can be it can be dangerous to clean your computer.

Here tips to help you out

Checklist of Computer Cleaning Supplies

To clean your computer or laptop, you’ll need Q-Tips or cotton swabs, Windex, a soft cloth and canned air.

Canned air is one of the most useful computer cleaning supplies for removing dust.

While you may be tempted to use a vacuum cleaner to remove crumbs from your keyboard or dust from inside your computer, this method will create static electricity that will short circuit your system.

Gentle puffs of canned air can reach deep inside your laptop, removing dust and dirt and actually helping restore computer performance.