OneSafe PC Cleaner

Clean up your PC with just one click!

  • Elements to clean detection and outdated registry data
  • Clean up your PC thoroughly
  • Simplify your PCs maintenance
  • New : Uninstaller
  • New : Memory boost
  • Improved : Cleaning Scan

Free scan for Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista & XP. To benefit from advanced features, activate the full version starting from $3/month. By downloading OneSafe PC Cleaner, you agree to the Software License Agreement and Privacy Policy.

To clean up your PC:

  • Elements to clean detection and outdated registry data
  • Unwanted files and private data cleaning
  • Windows boot configuration
  • Application Performance Improvement
  • Always keep your PC clean and powerful
With version 5 we are adding a lot of useful new cleaning features and improving existing features.  These new features making OneSafe PC Cleaner the perfect tool to keep your computer efficient on an everyday bases. 
Simple and fast installation in just 3 steps

Click on "Save file" when the window is displayed


Thoroughly clean up your PC

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Main functions

Fix your PC
Detect, analyse and fix all types of PC issue:

  • Using your computer regularly leaves your registry fragmented and cluttered with obsolete and unwanted data.
  • With OneSafe PC Cleaner you can keep your PC's registry in perfect shape
  • Broken link problems: clean up your desktop and Start menu by redefining or deleting broken links

Clean up your PC
Find the unwanted data clogging up your PC and delete it securely in order to regain precious disk space

  • Clean up your PC log files to ensure greater confidentiality.
  • Find and delete unnecessary files generated by software, system crashes or reboots.
  • Get rid of duplicate files, a common cause of errors

Optimise your PC
Improve the speed of Windows start-up and the performance of your software applications:

  • Fine-tune and optimise the hidden Windows options affecting your PC's appearance, security and performance.
  • Configure a quicker Windows start-up and clean up the files left behind after uninstalling software.

Protect your confidential information

Wipe clean your internet browsing and session history

  • File history
  • Temporary files and directories
  • Web caches
  • Web cookies
  • Temporary registry values
New features and program enhancements:

With version 5 we are adding a lot of useful new cleaning features and improving existing features. These new features making OneSafe PC Cleaner the perfect tool to keep your computer efficient on an everyday bases.

  • License Key Manager
  • Advanced Cleanup Scan
  • Memory Boost
  • Improved regular clean up to find approximately 20% more items
  • Improved System Monitor Messages
  • Improved focus on disk space cleaned
  • Adding toolbar and extension uninstaller
  • Advice on which programs to keep in startup based on other users recommendations
  • NEW!Improved Cleaning Scan

In Version 5 the OneSafe PC Cleaner, cleaning scan has been enhanced and deepened to find additional items which are safe to clean. The new improved cleaning will save you GBs of potential disk space. Version 5 will make it easier than ever to keep your PC free of junk and clutter and to maximize available disk space.

  • NEW!Uninstaller

When programs are uninstalled they often leave behind leftover items and junk files. Using OneSafe PC Cleaner Uninstaller the user can now uninstall programs, extensions and toolbars and OneSafe will automatically find and remove all leftover items.

Don’t get stuck with programs you don’t want cluttering your computer. Cleanly uninstall unnecessary programs, extensions and toolbars with OneSafe’s new Uninstaller.

  • NEW!License Key Manager

Keeping track of license keys for all of your installed programs can be a challenge. OneSafe PC Cleaner now offers a License Key Manager. Every time you install a new program OneSafe will ask if you would like to store the license key for that product. All keys will be kept in the easy to use license key manager on the new Toolbox menu. Don’t lose track of another license key, start using OneSafe’s License Key Manager today!

  • NEW!Startup Manager

The number of programs in your Windows startup menu has a dramatic effect on your computers startup time. In Version 5 our improved startup manager offers more program descriptions and recommendations. Now it is much easier for users to decide immediately which programs they need to keep in startup and which programs are safe to remove. Version 5 uses data collected from thousands of users to offer the best recommendations possible on startup programs.

  • NEW!Advanced Cleanup

Advanced cleanup guides you through removing additional items including old Windows updates, unnecessary service packs, office cache files and old driver cache files. Removing these items can free up a significant amount of disk space. OneSafe PC Cleaner offers additional information on each of these categories so that users can make an informed decision about which of these items to remove.

Advanced Cleanup will check folders such as:

  • Unnecessary Service Pacs
  • Old Windows updates
  • Microsoft Office Cache
  • Old AMD, Navida, Intel and HP drivers
  • Windows Prefetch folder

    • NEW!Memory Boost

    Applications are constantly running in the backnd on your PC using up available memory. OneSafe PC Cleaner’s new Memory Boost feature provides a small but immediate memory boost by closing all unnecessary applications. So if you need a quick memory boost for the game you’re playing or just because memory levels are running low then try a quick Memory Boost.

    • NEW!Improved System Monitor Messages

    Stay informed about issues affecting system performance. In Version 5 we have expanded the system monitor messages so give you better information. Version 5 makes it easier than ever for you to keep your PC clean and optimized.

    System Monitor Improvements include:

    • NEW!New Program Notifications

    Don’t let programs sneak onto your computer without your knowledge. OneSafe PC Cleaner will notify you when new programs are installed. You will have the option to immediately uninstall the program or if you purchased the program and plan to keep it you will have the option to save the license key.

    • NEW!Applications uninstalled

    If applications are uninstalled using the Control Panel there maybe leftover junk files or registry items. OneSafe PC Cleaner now notifies you when a program is uninstalled and offers to search your computer for leftover items or registry entries that might have been left behind by the uninstalled application.

    • NEW!Programs added to startup

    Programs are constantly adding themselves to your Windows startup menu. Startup notifications make it harder for unwanted programs to sneak into your startup menu. Follow the user recommendations in our startup manager to decide if you wish to keep or remove the new program from your Windows startup.

    Discover OneSafe PC Cleaner Pro
    OneSafe PC Cleaner 5

    OneSafe PC Cleaner 5

    Boost your PC performances!
    Analyse your PC oui oui
    Detect invalid entries and obsolete registry data oui oui
    Clean junk files and confidential data oui oui
    Configure the windows boot and improve application performance oui oui
    Keep your PC clean at its best performances oui oui
    NEW! Module de désinstallation avancé des programmes oui oui
    NEW! License Key Manager oui oui
    NEW! Uninstalling toolbar and web extensions oui oui
    NEW! Advice on which programs to keep in startup based on other users recommendations oui oui
    IMPROVED! Advanced Cleanup Scan oui oui
    IMPROVED! Memory Boost and Free Space Optimisation oui oui
    IMPROVED! Regular clean up to find approximately 20% more items oui oui
    IMPROVED! Notifications messages oui oui
    Get more performances and security with Version PRO!
    Recover all data, photos and music accidentally deleted
    - oui
    Delete forever all files you do not want to see again
    - oui
    NEW! ID Scan - Protect yourself from identify theft with OneSafe’s new ID Scan - oui
    NEW! Delete - Duplicate photos, videos and documents stored in multiple files on your computer are automatically deleted - oui
    System Requirements
    Version 5
    Platform Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 2003 Server 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 8, Windows 10

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